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Placing orders online in 2021

At present, technological advances are rapidly occurring along with the current pandemic, thus making people less inclined to go out to buy stuff. People are increasingly turning to online shopping. We would like to recommend all kinds of household equipment and appliances at factory prices but with high quality and with a diverse array of brands.


Merchandise delivery

Normally when placing an order, the client will receive the product within one to three days after having paid the bill unless that product is out of stock and we have to wait for new batches to be manufactured, which can take up to 7 - 25 working days. Additionally, it depends on the client’s receiving address and the number of ordered items. Usually if the total weight of ordered items roughly matches the load capacity of a certain type of vehicle, the delivery can be done fairly quickly. However if the number of ordered items is small and doesn’t fit in most or all of the load space of a vehicle, the ordered items have to sent with other products ordered by other clients, which will take a longer period of time.


Petch-brand products

HomeSmart has brought in Petch-brand products to be distributed to clients. Petch-brand products are beautiful and durable. They consist of three categories of product and service:
1. Roofing products.
2. Board products and synthetic wood.
3. Other various products. Building a house using Petch-brand products with the concept.
    “A house can be completely finished and beautifully decorated with just Petch-brand products.”


We are pleased to counsel you on houses and special factory prices