Don’t be afraid to make a change: Decra roof tile, Diamond brand

Don’t be afraid to make a change: Decra roof tile, Diamond brand

In the world of building materials, development is a never-ending process both in construction technology and building materials and products. The construction business annually comes up with products that show improvement in quality as well as artistic and architectural value

One of building materials that is important and has been highly competitive in terms of development for a long time is roof tiles. They are considered the face of a house that creates the first impression for people viewing your house or residence. Additionally, roof tiles serve to protect your house from various weather conditions, be it sunlight or rain. That’s why roof tiles are such a significant part that cannot be overlooked and must be carefully chosen.

What is Decra roof tile?

Decra roof tile, Diamond brand, is a metal roof tile coated with lava stone. Many might view Decra roof tile as bizarre looking considerably different from general roof tiles. The reason lies in the fact that it is similar to a metal sheet roof tile but its surface is coated with lava stone. Therefore the first impression for viewers not accustomed to it might be negative owing to not being confident in the looks and quality of Decra roof tile.

Why choose Decra roof tile?

Decra roof tile, Diamond brand, is a quality metal roof tile that has been developed from a metal sheet roof tile, which is the type of tile that has always been popular. Diamond brand realizes the significance of a metal sheet roof tile being in popular use. However, most metal sheet roof tiles sold in the market may be substandard and often cause problems to be fixed later when employed. So Decra metal roof tile was originated to eliminate those defects.

Decra roof tile is distinctive in that it contains lava stone, making the tile look naturally beautiful and outstanding. It comes in three models: Senator Shingle, Gerard Shake and Milano.

Distinguishing characteristics

  • Gorgeous, innovative and looking natural with lava stone.
  • It is manufactured from high quality materials such as Aluzinc.
  • Diamond brand guarantees durability up to 50 years and color quality as long as 20 years.
  • The weight is light compared to the size.
  • Robust and able to withstand storm winds of up to 240 kilometers per hour.
  • Able to withstand hot and cold temperatures without being twisted, bent and broken or the color peeling off.

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