Frequently asked questions



Step 1. Fill in the details of the products you want on the page “Create a Quotation.”
Step 2. Add a delivery address.
Step 3. Wait for our staff to contact you back within one to two days.
Step 4. Confirm your quotation and make a payment.
Step 5. Wait and receive your products.

Customers can send us a roof plan and we are delighted to forward the plan for a specialist to calculate the number of products needed.

Customers can click the “Catalog Tab.” and after that customers can view brands and catalogs that they want. Moreover, Customers can click tags that they are interested in such as roof tiles.

Usually, if the products in question are not in stock, we need to contact factories to inquire, which normally takes one working day.

We are willing to offer consultation on construction-related issues. Besides, we can make contact and forward questions to factories for the best suggestion.

With some brands such as Petch-brand products, if a customer has settled the bill before 10 a.m., the customer will receive the product on the next day. In addition to Petch-brand products, it depends on the brand, which customers can ask sales assistants at once.

Customers can notify sales assistants that they want products to be delivered quickly and then sales assistants will inform a delivery truck driver to make a fast delivery. However, in some cases, additional expenses are required.

World Centaury Co., Ltd. is open from Monday to Saturday, 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., and closed on Sundays. Nevertheless, customers can place an order on the website 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will contact customers back within one to two working days.


Placing orders

The prices displayed on the website are VAT included, but exclusive of delivery fees. Therefore, in case a customer has placed an order on the website, we will get back to that customer to issue the actual quotation.

Customers can visit our branch shop in Saraburi Province to swipe credit cards or inform us to pay the bill on the website by contacting admin@HomeSmart.com or sales assistants.

Usually if a customer has already paid for a purchase and then later decides to cancel the purchase, the customer would have to forfeit the deposit money, which is in accordance with the terms and conditions set by our company, and state the reason for the cancellation.


We are pleased to counsel you on houses and special factory prices