Enrich the beauty of your house with Utopia roof tiles

Enrich the beauty of your house with Utopia roof tiles

There are many types of roof tiles. One type of roof tiles that has gained continued popularity from the past to the present is concrete roof tile. The reason why concrete roof tile has been popular is that the tile has many benefits and is worth spending money for.

The concrete roof tile that we are going to introduce to you is Utopia concrete roof tile of TPI brand. TPI concrete roof tiles come in two models: Utopia and Lururia. The model we are going to introduce is Utopia, which is a concrete roof tile with large corrugation. It’s a tile with beautiful corrugation and is full of quality from TPI.

There are many kinds of roof tiles and then what are the benefits of Utopia roof tiles?

Utopia concrete roof tile of TPI brand is characterized by beautiful large corrugation with a vivid aesthetic dimension of the corrugation. When installed to be a roof, Utopia concrete roof tile can provide a sense of beauty and elegance to the roof appealing to the eye. Utopia concrete roof tile is produced from TPI cement,

which is of great quality meeting ASTM C-150 and TIS 15 Part 1 – 2547 (2004). The tile is strong enough to bear the maximum pressure and has undergone a process and technology of international standard.

Unique characteristics of Utopia roof tiles

Utopia roof tiles are concrete roof tiles with various special attributes, making them especially intriguing.

  • The roof tile possesses the ability to reflect solar rays, thus reducing the temperature under the tile as much as 7 to 14 degree Celsius.
  • The tile has a three-layer and two-groove water trap which is a system preventing the reverse flow of water.
  • The two-central grooves within the tile help with gripping the surface and reinforcing.
  • The line along the side of the tile is particularly deep, hence preventing the seepage between tiles very well.
  • The surface and body of the tile are strong and durable.
  • The color of the tile is coated with a special TPI cement paint formula, making the color of the tile cope well with sunlight and rain.
  • The exterior surface of the tile is coated with a specially formulated solution, enabling the tile surface to have greater strength and durability and safeguarding the color from dust stains.

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