Creating roofs exquisitely with Jeeranai roof tiles

Creating roofs exquisitely with Jeeranai roof tiles

Many of you probably choose to use mainly clay roof tiles with Thai art motifs when constructing a religious place or a Thai style house. There’s nothing wrong with selecting clay roof tiles, but in case of poor-quality clay roof tiles, the built house or religious place might have a short longevity due to the problem of the tiles being easily damaged or broken.

The above-mentioned aspects have inspired us to develop Jeeranai roof tiles. Because it’s a new alternative of roof tiles, it’s suitable for those who are fascinated by Thai arts and for building religious places.

The differences between clay roof tiles and Jeeranai roof tiles

Clay roof tiles available in the general market might have inconsistent standard for each individual tile because the production process lacks a guaranteed quality standard. The defective products may lead to the roof of the constructed building being in a damaged state or result in over-budget costs due to having to buy more products to repair.

Jeeranai roof tile, Diamond brand, is manufactured from cement combined with Diamond-brand natural fibers of high quality and standard. Consequently, every single piece of Jeeranai roof tiles is of the same standard, thus not having to worry about the roof being broken and having no need to spend more to fix problems.

Interesting properties

When comparing Jeeranai roof tiles, Diamond brand, which are fiber cement roof tiles, with clay roof tiles, it’s evident that Jeeranai roof tiles are stronger and more durable.

  • The tile is designed to be easily installed using Dry Fixed System, preventing the tile from being tainted with wet cement stains during an installation process. The color of the tile is completely beautiful.
  • Costs in a roof structure can be saved because the tile is light in weight and it can also be used to install with a wooden roof structure.
  • The color of the tile won’t be affected by black stains or fungi because the appearance of fungi and moss can be prevented.

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