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Mrs. Patchanee

Chief Financial Officer

“Having worked for over 35 years, I have gained a lot of experience and have passed it on to this building material shop. I’m open to criticisms and compliments and use them to improve myself.”

Mr. Setthasak

Chief Executive Officer

“Suggestions, comments, criticisms and compliments can be directly sent to me to make this website better and better. I’m willing to listen to any recommendations.”

Miss Prakhong


“We are glad to serve to as a leader in building materials. We have gathered all the products for you at HomeSmart and are ready to deliver them to your construction site.”

Miss Pakawadee


“HomeSmart.me has a wide variety of building materials and various products on promotion. We are ready to provide advice and assistance to you.”

Miss Partchaya


“We all welcome you to HomeSmart.me. We have over 2,000 items of building materials and invite you to place orders.”

Miss Jirawan


“The goods on our website have been constantly updated, so you can rest assured. Factory prices guaranteed! You are welcome to make an inquiry.”

Miss Aphitanan


Our HomeSmart.me can deliver products to the front of the customer's house within 3 - 5 days.

Miss Theetharat


If customers are interested in any roof tiles Feel free to contact me for inquiries

Miss Nongnuch


If the product has problems in delivery damaged or damaged We accept responsibility

Mr. Chaiyoot


whether the product price Product promotion on the HomeSmart website. Trust me. If you are interested in any product, you can be the next one.

Mr. Chainaporn

Video Creator

Content related to our company no matter which platform I will create content for as much fun and knowledge as possible.

Mr. Sarun


words about "Roof" to make this website (HOMESMART) on page 1 every search, I will do my best.

Mr. Nawin


“With work experience and technological skills coupled with knowledge of building materials, I, Win, am ready to take great care of you.”

Mr. Jittivit

Graphic Design

“With all the experience that I have gained, I designed and created this website (HomeSmart) to make it look best.”

Miss. Apasara


HomeSmart welcomes everyone. who come to visit products from our website

Miss. Pijitra


Ask for price or monthly promotion at Line ID: @homesmart.me


We have professional personnel.

At HomeSmart.me, we have organized products into main categories such as roof tiles, boards, floor and wall tiles, tiles for swimming pools, lightweight concrete and others. We have an order-placing function that is easy to follow and is comprehensive. In addition, we have highly experienced staff members specializing in giving counsel to customers on building materials. Furthermore, we offer delivery service throughout the country so that customers can receive products at the construction site within one to three days. And our products also have guarantees.


We have reliable and stable staff members.

We have earned the trust of project developers and contactors who have placed orders for building materials and have got the merchandise on time, thus making us secure and dependable. We confirm delivering products in more than 60 provinces. What’s more, we have partners of over 100 brands. That’s the reason why HomeSmart has gained confidence for the past three years. “We really appreciate the fact that customers have always placed their trust on us.”


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Don’t be afraid to make a change: Decra roof tile, Diamond brand

Don’t be afraid to make a change: Decra roof tile, Diamond brand

In the world of building materials, development is a never-ending process both in construction technology and building materials and products. The construction business annually comes up with products that show improvement in quality as well as artistic and architectural value One of building materials that is important and has been highly competitive in terms of […]

Creating roofs exquisitely with Jeeranai roof tiles

Creating roofs exquisitely with Jeeranai roof tiles

Many of you probably choose to use mainly clay roof tiles with Thai art motifs when constructing a religious place or a Thai style house. There’s nothing wrong with selecting clay roof tiles, but in case of poor-quality clay roof tiles, the built house or religious place might have a short longevity due to the […]

Enrich the beauty of your house with Utopia roof tiles

Enrich the beauty of your house with Utopia roof tiles

There are many types of roof tiles. One type of roof tiles that has gained continued popularity from the past to the present is concrete roof tile. The reason why concrete roof tile has been popular is that the tile has many benefits and is worth spending money for. The concrete roof tile that we […]