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Privacy Policy


     Please thoroughly and carefully read these terms and conditions. The following terms and conditions of service will be applied to using and accessing your platform (as stated below). And by using the service, by accessing the platform and/or using the service, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of service. Please abstain from accessing and/or using this platform or service in case you do not agree to the terms and conditions of service.

Accessing and using that requires a security code and/or platform security and/or using the service are reserved only for customers with a user account. You must refrain from using or try not to use such section of this platform and/or the service or any information that is under protection through channels that are not intended by us to be especially used by you without permission. Violation of this stipulation might constitute an offense according to the Computer Crime Act, B.E. 2550 of Thailand. 

If you are under 18 years of age, you must gain consent from your parents or legal guardians. Acceptance of the terms and conditions of service and the consent of such people to be responsible for:

     (1.) Your own actions.

     (2.) Any fees relating to using services or your purchases and

     (3.) In case acceptance of and compliance with the terms and conditions of your using the service are not permitted by your parents or legal guardians, you must cease using / accessing this platform and services.

Contact with HomeSmart

     If you would like to withdraw your consent to the using of your information, would like to make a request to view information and/or personal information, have questions, comments or concerns or would like technical assistance or ask about cookies, please contact us (and data-protection officers) via the following channels:

Tel: 099-228-9745,

     Announcements about the privacy of people who use HomeSmart settlement accounts. This notice applies to accessing and using your virtual settlement accounts for HomeSmart (HomeSmart settlement accounts). This notice describes the manner in which we collect, use, reveal and handle with

     “personal information”, “identifiable information” or information of other people (collectively referred to as “personal information”) on behalf of HomeSmart. The words in capital letters used in this notice about privacy, but are not mentioned here, will have the definitions as explained in the terms and conditions for those who use HomeSmart settlement accounts (the terms and conditions) as specified in the terms and conditions. Your HomeSmart settlement accounts may be used to pay for products and services through HomeSmart settlement accounts, which will be in line with the terms and conditions. It’s essential that you occasionally provide personal information to HomeSmart, in which case, the personal information is about the opening and continuing to use your HomeSmart settlement accounts as well as the receiving of services that HomeSmart provides to you under this terms and conditions. Upon agreeing to follow this terms and conditions and the complete registration of being a HomeSmart user, it shall be deemed that you agree and are notified of the conditions of this notice relating to the collection, use, storage, transfer and the disclosure of your personal information as specified in this notice. In case you refuse to give personal information to HomeSmart, this may result in us not being able to allow you to open or continuing to use your HomeSmart settlement accounts or result in us not being able to provide services under these terms and conditions or to pursue legal courses or other practice guidelines issued by officers who have the authority or other officers. The phrase “including” will not have a restrictive effect.

   1. Collection of personal information

We might request your personal information from various sources (such as from you or through outside people) including

    (1.) Obtained information (directly or indirectly), when you have registered to use HomeSmart settlement accounts, which includes name, address, telephone number, email address and device information (collectively referred to as “information used for registration”).

     (2.) Obtained information (directly or indirectly), while using your HomeSmart settlement accounts, which includes bank accounts, product delivery information and billing, billing addresses, transaction information, credit card / debit card numbers, expiry dates and other information from money orders or checks (collectively referred to as “account information”).
     (3.) Information used for registration, account information or other information may be accessible and collectable (automatically or not automatically) while you’re registering to be a user of HomeSmart settlement accounts and/or while you’re using HomeSmart settlement accounts.

    The above information that we have received can serve as your personal information. We follow procedures to make certain that we won’t request any additional information from you to the extent where it is unnecessary (whether those pieces of information will constitute personal information or not) or proceed as specified in section B of this notice to protect you accounts, to perform our legal duties, to protect our legal rights and to operate our business.

   2. Use of personal information

We can use your personal information we have gained to achieve these objectives:

     (1.) Checking and verifying your identity including the period when you register to be a user of HomeSmart settlement accounts.

     (2.) Checking and verifying your qualifications when you register to be a user of HomeSmart settlement accounts and enabling you to use any features or functions of HomeSmart settlement accounts.

      (3.) Proceeding with your registration to be a user, allowing you to gain access to the system by using ID, accessing HomeSmart system and maintaining and managing your registration.

      (4.) Giving HomeSmart settlement accounts and related customer services to you as well as facilitating the settlement of payments for products and services, transportation and buying related services to make purchases, arrangement for the request of charge-backs, sending letters notifying you of your transactions and answering your questions and responding to your doubts, criticisms, compliments, requests or disputes.

      (5.) Improvement and expansion of our services through research and development of new functions of your HomeSmart settlement accounts or usage of new products and services that we can sometimes propose for you to buy.

      (6.) Conducting research, statistical analyses or surveys, whether in verbal or written forms to manage and protect our business as well as enhancing our technological infrastructures to evaluate the performance of HomeSmart settlement accounts and other services that we have offered and to ensure that you are satisfied with our services.

     (7.) Analyzing trends, usage and behaviors (individually and collectively), which will make us understand the way you and our entire user base access and use HomeSmart settlement accounts as well as organizing important commercial activities and for the purpose of developing and improving our services in addition to clarifying doubts and responding to customers’ tastes.

     (8.) Managing risks, carrying out examination of credibility on finances and debt repayment capacity or evaluating, searching for, checking for fraudulent practices, unlawful actions or other possible prohibited activities to prevent them and/or to remedy situations and at the same time to safeguard the integrity of our payment platform.

     (9.) Investigating, searching for, preventing and rectifying breaches of the terms and conditions; related internal policies, industrial measures, guidelines and connected law and regulations.

     (10.) Disclosure of information according to law and rules of any country can be enforced on our company or affiliated companies to comply by the orders of government officials or groups of people from the outside and can be enforced on card service providers or other payment networks. Disclosure of information can be requested in the form of subpoenas, court orders, legal requests, stipulations or any other legal processes in a given country that can be imposed on our company or affiliated companies.

     (11.) Disclosure of information to prevent any harms or financial losses in order to report on actions that are suspected of being illegal or to deal with compensation claims or damage claims that can occur to our company or affiliated companies.

     (12.) Conducting an investigation on a certain business and making an assessment on a proposed or actual merger, a business acquisition, a transaction that provides funds and a joint venture.

     (13.) Any legitimate business objectives such as protecting you and other people who use HomeSmart settlement accounts from losses, life protection, security operations for the system and our products and protection of our rights and/or our other properties.

And we can use your personal information in other forms, in which case, we will notify you in writing on the day of collection or as you will give consent later.

   3. Disclosure of personal information

Your personal information that HomeSmart has collected will be confidential, but HomeSmart can give it to the following groups (in or outside your residing country) for the purpose stated in B above:

– Companies that HomeSmart partially or wholly owns.
– HomeSmart and affiliated companies of HomeSmart
– Representatives, contractors or outside service providers who are working with us to provide services to you including fraud prevention, bill collection, feeding of information, database management, sales promotion, marketing activities, customer service, technological service, notification of products and services and service for extension of payment period.

   1. Organizations that HomeSmart recommends and makes referral to or organizations that HomeSmart will later make trade deals with, outside parties, organizations that belongs to HomeSmart, traders and organizations such as card service providers, payment service networks, financial institutions that make payment to or receive payment from these traders and organizations by using HomeSmart settlement accounts or any other organizations that make it possible for you to use HomeSmart settlement accounts.

   2. Credit providing organizations, collections representatives, banks, financial institutions that are outside parties.

   3. Professional consultants, law enforcement agencies, guarantors, governments and officials who have controlling authority, organizations whose rules and regulations bind HomeSmart to disclose information under the law’s stipulations, rules, related commercial agreements including entering into an agreement with card service companies or payment service networks.

   4. Organizations that oversee mergers, acquisitions, transactions providing funds or joint ventures.

   5. Security protection and storage measures.

We follow all appropriate procedures including physical care and protection, management and technical aspects to safeguard your personal information that we manage to prevent your personal information from being abused, accessed, disclosed, altered and destroyed without permission. We will store and make sure that your personal information be kept for a necessary duration for the purpose stated in this notice and in compliance with law and all related stipulations of law. We highly advise you against revealing your password to anyone. Our officers will not ask for your password through phone calls or sending emails that you haven’t requested or given consent to. If you share a computer with others, you should not keep your system access information (such as user ID or password) in the computer.

   4. Data processing abroad

Your personal information might be processed outside your residing country (and outside Thailand) and in any places, where HomeSmart, subsidiary and affiliated companies of HomeSmart, subsidiary and affiliated companies of HomeSmart Consortium, World Centaury Consortium and any other parties, can disclose your personal information as stated in C above and in countries where the aforementioned entities are operating in, which may not have information protection laws similar to the laws in your residing country (including Thailand).

Storage of personal information

     When you create a HomeSmart account or give your personal information through the platform, the information we store might include your following personal information

    Delivery destination
    Telephone number
    Mobile phone number

     You have to give your information to us or our authorized representatives or put your information into the platform only and the information must be true, complete and must not cause any misunderstanding. You must keep updating your information and inform us of changes to your information (the details will be mentioned below). We reserve the right to ask for additional documents to examine and verify that the information you have given us is true. We can keep your personal information only when you voluntarily give it to us. If you choose not to provide your personal information to us or choose to withdraw permission for us to use your personal information, we might not be able to serve you. You are required to access and modify the information you have given us at all times as determined below. In case you have provided us with other people’s information, we will deem that you have given consent or you have been permitted from outside people who are related to disclose and give us such information. If you apply to be a HomeSmart user via social media accounts or link your social media accounts with your HomeSmart account or other social media accounts of HomeSmart, we might access the information you have voluntarily given to such social media service providers under the policies of these social media service providers. We will deal with your personal information gained in the manner above-described according to the privacy policy of HomeSmart.

Use and disclosure of personal information

     We will use the information gained from you or give it to third parties (including related companies, outside service providers and third-party sellers) for the benefit of the whole or partial business as will be discussed as follows. Operation or support of services (as defined in the service agreement section) and/or use of the platform to carry out your orders sent through this platform, whether it be the selling of product by HomeSmart or third-party sellers, your payment for purchases through this platform, sold by either HomeSmart or third-party sellers will be handled by our representatives to deliver products ordered by you through this platform, be the products sold by HomeSmart or third-party sellers. We might relay your personal information to outside parties to deliver products to you (such as sending to courier service providers or our product distributors), be the products sold by HomeSmart or third-party sellers, to notify you of delivering of products, whether the purchase are through the platform of HomeSmart or are sold third-party sellers, and for other customer services to compare data and check with outside people to reconfirm the accuracy of data. We will use the information gained from you to manage your user account with us (if any), to examine and handle financial transactions relating to your payment that you have made on the Internet, to examine data downloading from the platform, to develop diagrams, to arrange the pages and the content of various pages of the platform and to make a readjustment for users to identify a user’s identity, to analyze statistics and users’ behaviors, to send information that we expect to be of value to you or the information you have requested from us including information on the products and services of ours and of third-party sellers unless you refuse the contact for the said purposes. When you have applied to open a user account with HomeSmart or have sent your personal information through this platform, we use your information to occasionally send marketing news and promotions about the products and services of ours and of third-party sellers. You can cancel receiving newsletters at any time by using the cancellation method that is in the newsletters we send to you. We might use your contact information to send newsletters from us or from companies related to us; and in case of an exception and HomeSmart is requested to disclose personal information such as in case of there being grounds to believe that such disclosure might prevent threatening of life or body, for the purpose of law enforcement or conformity to law, rules, regulations or demands. HomeSmart might give your personal information to outside people or subsidiary and affiliated companies of HomeSmart for the purpose mentioned above, especially in order to execute transactions for you, to manage your user account, to supervise affairs associated with you, matters connected with marketing, and abiding by law, rules, regulations or any requests that HomeSmart deems necessary. Sharing information with such people, HomeSmart will do our utmost to make certain that outside people and subsidiary and affiliated companies of HomeSmart will prevent your personal information from being accessed, stored, used, revealed without permission or any risks of the same nature and will only keep your personal information for a duration necessary for such arrangements mentioned above. HomeSmart has never and isn’t engaged in selling customers’ personal information to outside people.

Withdrawal of consent

     You may always submit to us an objection to the use or disclosure of your personal information for the activities or the purposes mentioned above via the email listed below. Please be advised that in case you have submitted to us an objection to the use or disclosure of your personal information for the activities or the purposes mentioned above, it depends on the nature of the objection. We may not be in the position to deliver products or services to you or to fulfill the agreement made with you. We explicitly reserve the legal right and remedy in case we are not able to deliver products or services to you or to fulfill the agreement made with you due to the objection.

Updating and modifying your personal information

     You can update and modify your personal information at any time by logging into your user account on HomeSmart’s platform. If you don’t have a user account with us, you may update and modify your personal information by contacting us via the email listed below. We will send the modified personal information to outside people and subsidiary and affiliated companies of HomeSmart that we have shared your personal information with if your personal information is still necessary for the activities mentioned above.

Access to your personal information

     If you would like to view your personal information kept with us or would like to know about the use or disclosure of your personal information by HomeSmart for the previous year, please contact us via the email below. We reserve the right to charge a reasonable transaction fee of you asking to view such record. If you have a user account with HomeSmart, you may view the details of your purchases by logging into your user account on the platform. In that section, you can view the details of your purchases that have been made or are still outstanding or purchases that will be delivered to you in a short period. And you can manage information on delivery destinations, details of banks or the sending of newsletters that you have applied for. You agree to keep the account name, password and the details of your purchases confidential and will not reveal to outside people who are not allowed. We will not be responsible for the damages arising from wrongly using the account name, password and the details of your purchases, unless specified in the service agreement.

Security of your personal information

     HomeSmart guarantees that all the stored information will be safely kept. We protect your personal information by

– Restriction to access to personal information
– Using technological methods to prevent unauthorized access to the computer system from occurring.
– Destruction of your personal information for the safety purpose when the information is no longer necessary for legal and business objectives.

If you have grounds to believe that your privacy has been violated by HomeSmart, please contact us via the email below.

Your password is an important key to your user account. Please use an assortment of numbers, alphabets and symbols and don’t share your password with others. In case you have shared your password with others, you will have to be liable to the action committed on your behalf or through your user account and the consequences. If you can’t control your password, you may not be able to control your personal information or other information sent to HomeSmart. You might have to accept any juristic acts done on your behalf. Therefore, if your password has been disclosed or is no longer confidential for whatever reason, you have grounds to believe that your password has been revealed or is not secret anymore. You should contact us and change your password. We caution that you immediately log off and close your browser every time you use a public computer.


HomeSmart does not sell products to minors or children who are under 20 years of age. You may use our website only under the supervision of your parents or legal guardians. HomeSmart and authorized service providers may use cookies, web beacons or other programs of similar characteristics to store information in order to enable us to serve you better, faster and more safely. And for your own privacy, when you use the service and/or enter the platform or when you visit HomeSmart, the servers of our company will register and record the data your browser is automatically sending when you enter our website, these data might include

– The IP address of your computer
– The type of your browser
– Web pages you visited before entering the platform
– Web pages you are viewing on the platform
– The duration you spent in visiting those websites, the products or data you’re searching for on the platform, the time and date of your visit and other statistical data.

These data will be stored for analysis and evaluation to help us improve the platform and the procurement of our services and products.

Cookies are small text files (usually consisting only of characters and numbers) placed in the memory of your browser or device when you visit a website or view a message. Cookies allow a website to recognize a particular device or browser and they enable us to create content suitable to individual interests more quickly. They also help a platform to provide services that are more convenient and beneficial to you. You may manage and delete cookies through your browser or setting up your device. For additional information on the method, please refer to the Help of your Browser or Device section.

Web beacons are small graphic images that may be included in the service or on the platform. They help us count the number of users who have visited different pages of websites, making us better understand your needs and interests.

They are free from spam, spyware and viruses.

Spam, spyware or virus is not allowed on the platform. Please set and maintain your communication preferences so that we send communications to you as you prefer. You are not licensed or otherwise allowed to add other users (even a user who has purchased an item from you) to your mailing list (emails or letters) without their express consent. You must not send any messages which contain spam, spyware or virus via the platform. If you would like to report any suspicious messages, please contact us at our email address below.

Changes to privacy policy

     HomeSmart will regularly examine the efficiency of our privacy policy. We reserve the right to change the terms of our privacy policy at any time. Such change to the terms of our privacy policy will be announced and posted on HomeSmart’s platform. You acknowledge and agree that HomeSmart has the right to disclose personal information to agencies with legal authority, supervisory agencies, government agencies, tax agencies, law enforcement agencies and related agencies or related rights owners, in case HomeSmart has reason to believe that such disclosure is necessary for the execution of duties, liability, management and agreements, either voluntary or compulsory, for the purpose of cooperating with orders, investigation and/or different forms of requests by a particular agency under related law enforcement. You agree not to take legal actions or any courses of action against HomeSmart and forfeit the right to claim or any other rights against HomeSmart that might happen from disclosing of personal information under such circumstances.

Websites and services of third parties

     HomeSmart settlement accounts may provide links to websites and services of third parties (including applications operated by third parties) for your convenience and to give you information. Those services and websites might operate independently from us and might have their own notices and privacy policies. We strongly advise you to examine before using those services to engage in activities on those websites. Due to the fact that we do not own or control the websites which are linked when you visit, we are not held responsible for any content, privacy practices or the quality of those services

Changes to this notice

     HomeSmart reserves the right to change, rectify or review this notice from time to time.

Additional information

     If you would like to contact us as well as using the rights that you have under the applicable law (such as the right to choose not to process data), please contact our data protection officers via HomeSmart can charge a reasonable fee for carrying out your request where such action is permitted by the law.


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