Since: January 01, 2021

Terms and conditions

1. Definitions and interpretation

     Unless otherwise defined, definitions and interpretation conditions that are stipulated in the attachment document

2. General use of services and/or access to the platform

     2.1 Guidelines in using the platform and/or services: you agree to comply with the guidelines, statements, operation procedures, policies and recommendations regarding use of services and/or access to the platform including additional corrections that are at times issued to enforce. We reserve the right to improve the guidelines, statements, operation procedures, policies and recommendations at any time and deem that you have acknowledged and are bound by any changes mentioned when they are posted on the platform.

     2.2 Prohibited activities: you agree and promise not to
          (a) Impersonate any person or entity or to falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with any person or entity.
          (b) Use the platform or services for unlawful purposes
          (c) Attempt to use the platform or services without permission or disturb or cause any disruptions to the computer system or networks linked to the platform or services.
          (d) Post, promote or send prohibited documents or information through the platform or services.
          (e) Interfere with the utilization of other people in using the platform or services.
          (f) Use or upload, in any way, any software or material that contains, or which you have reason to suspect that contains, viruses, damaging components, malicious code or harmful components which may impair or corrupt the platform’s data or damage or interfere with the operation of another customer’s computer or mobile device or the platform or services.
          (g) Use platforms or services that are inconsistent with the accepted terms and conditions of any connected networks, related Internet standards and related laws.

     2.3 Readiness of the platform or services, we might improve, correct, suspend, cease providing services or remove either all or parts of the platform at times without providing any reason or prior notice and we will not be held liable if such improvement, correction, suspension or removal make you unable to access the platform or parts of the services.

     2.4 The right to keep track of and examine our contents, we reserve the unilateral right but will not be bound to

          (a) Keep track of, examine, screen or control any activities, contents or information documents on the platform and/or through services. We may conduct an investigation on any violations of the terms and conditions mentioned here and may proceed as we deem appropriate with our own discretion
          (b) Prevent or limit access to the platform and/or customer service
          (c) Report to suitable agencies on any activities that we suspect to be against the law or rules and regulations that are enforceable or cooperate with such agencies and/or
          (d) Ask for any information or data from you regarding use of services and/or use of the platform for any given time and use our right under this item if you refuse to give such information and/or data or if you provide or we have reason to believe that you have given us false information and/or data causing misunderstanding or by dishonesty.

     2.5 Privacy policy, use of services and/or access to the platform are still under the privacy policy as set forth in the privacy policy section of website
     2.6 The terms and conditions of buying and selling and the terms and conditions of vouchers: any buying and selling transactions will be under the terms and conditions as stipulated the terms and conditions section of website, which will be used to enforce.
     2.7 Additional conditions: apart from terms of use in using this service, use of any particular information and service documents, the detailed information documents or the ones that have been improved and proposed by us or by our designated sub-contractors may be under the additional terms and conditions, which will be enforced and are completely effective.


3. Use of services

     3.1 Using the terms and conditions in this item: besides all other terms and conditions of this service, terms and conditions in 3., which are considered as the additional terms and conditions, which will be enforced on your using services
     3.2 Restrictions: use of services is limited to authorized customers who are people coming of age and can legally enter into contracts under applicable law, any customers who have violated or are violating the terms and conditions here and customers who are under suspension to use any services, temporarily or permanently, cannot use the services even when satisfying this 3.2 item.
     3.3 General conditions of using services: you agree to:
          (a) Access and/or use services with a legal purpose only and always with a legal method as well as agreeing to carry out activities with honest intentions and
          (b) Certify that any information or data about the service you have posted or made it appear on this platform is true and doesn’t violate any related laws and you will be solely responsible for such information or data.

     3.4 Product details: despite trying our utmost to provide accurate details of products, we will not guarantee that such details will be accurate, true in the present time or without any mistakes.
     3.5 Product prices: all the announced selling prices are under the tax system. Unless otherwise specified, we reserve the right to change prices at any time without providing any reason or prior notice.
     3.6 Sellers who are third parties: you acknowledge that parties apart from HomeSmart (which are third-party sellers) are the people who register product items and sell the products of such people on the platform. Product details for selling on the platform by HomeSmart or by third-party sellers may be placed on a web page that displays such products. To avoid any doubts, each agreement that has been made to sell products of sellers who are third-party sellers to customers will be an agreement made directly between third-party sellers and customers only and the agreement is still under the terms and conditions of buying and selling.

4. Return of products and refund

The case where products can be returned

    1. The products are not as described in a quotation and the customer has made payment.

   2. The products are damaged before signing the receipt of the products.

   3. The products are under guarantees. The guarantees will be separate between stores, World Centaury Co., Ltd and factories, in which case, conditions of guarantee will depend on how each party has guaranteed. World Centaury Co., Ltd will guarantee products starting from customers making payments to the products being delivered to their destinations and customers have signed the receipt of the products.

We reserve the right in terms of color difference. The color of a product appearing on the website might be different from the color of the actual product. Therefore, customers are advised to carefully examine the color of the actual product before making payments.


We are glad to refund purchases within three to seven days. In case there is something wrong with a product, the refund may be made through the channel the customer paid the money or may depend on an agreement made between officers and the customer.


We are pleased to counsel you on houses and special factory prices