Ayara: the civilization of natural aesthetics

Ayara: the civilization of natural aesthetics

Thai arts and architecture have been an inseparable part of Thailand’s aesthetic civilization for a long period of time since antiquity to the present day. Even now, the value of Thai artistic and architectural beauty still works its magic, attracting people to its charm as if casting a spell, making people dream of having a home or residence that is filled with such beauty.

As for the roof tile that can achieve a good result in creating Thai architectural works, Ayara roof tile of SCG brand is the answer. The tile is an ideal solution to building a house that portrays Thai artistic and architectural style. There are up to four models of Ayara roof tile for you to choose from: Classic, Modern, Timber – wood grain and Timber – Pan Kled wood grain.

Why have as many as four models?

Ayara roof tile is a tile product under SCG brand, which is a leading brand in building material products in Thailand. As a consequence, Ayara roof tile has been continuously created and developed to satisfy construction needs and artistic requirements in the building material business.

What is the distinguishing feature of each model?

Ayara Classic: this model has a shape of a kite coming in two sizes: 9 inches and 13 inches. It matches beautifully with every size of roof. The motif of the tile is smooth, neat and plainly beautiful.

Ayara Modern: this model is in a shape with a truncated tip looking like geometric forms, creating a vibe of beauty that is outstanding and looks more modern.

Ayara Timber – wood grain: this model is produced in such a way that makes it look more natural, in which one half of the tile has a truncated shape and is added with natural-looking wood grains.

Ayara Timber – Pan Kled wood grain: the tile is longer than the tile of the Ayara Timber – wood grain and the tip of the tile is alternately truncated like wood slabs in the nature. And the grain also looks like the natural grain of wood.


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